4 Reasons Why Summer School is a Real Option

So the report cards are in, and it’s official – your star student is failing one of their classes.

What happens now?

OK, there’s no beating around the bush — this is not good. Does it mean your child is doomed to flunk out of school and be miserable forever? Not at all.

We all have some things we’re not spectacular at. Your child is seriously struggling with whatever subject they failed, and that’s human. What you need to do is look at what your next steps are, and get them back on track.

Even if your child isn’t flunking,

Here are 4 reasons why Summer School is a real option for them.

1. Your student will remember more

The biggest academic issue with summer break is that it allows a large gap of time for students to forget the majority of things they’ve just learned.

When summertime rolls around, most teens throw their schoolbooks out a window and don’t even glance into their notebooks until the Fall.

While the break may help them unwind from a hard-working year of schooling, if they don’t review the things they’ve learned they will forget the foundations to more complicated concepts that are introduced to them the following year.

2. It can increase a positive attitude towards school

Until college, you don’t usually choose your teacher. So whoever is teaching the class you’re in, that’s basically who you’re stuck with.

This being the case, your student is bound to have at least one class where the teacher and them do not see eye-to-eye. A teacher may use a curriculum that your child does not understand, and as a result, your child struggles in the class and can generate negative feelings towards the subject. For example,

“I hate chemistry, I don’t get it.” Or “I’m bad at math.”

Summer school is generally structured in a way that your child will be in a smaller class of students. Their questions will be more readily answered by a teacher who is not struggling to keep a pace for a larger class.

It provides a new setting in which your child can learn, and as a result, they will no longer feel that they are simply “bad” or “just don’t get” a subject.

3. It’s a GPA Booster

Maybe your student didn’t fail out of any of their classes, but they’re still just squeaking by with D’s and C’s. Or, maybe your student is on a B/C average, but is aiming to apply to some pretty highly esteemed colleges.

Whatever the reasons, Summer School is a way for students to rack up some bonus points for their GPA. The classes are a slower pace, which increases their odds at higher scores overall, and can be all the difference between your child and their scholarship.

4. It’s a Grade Saver

Failing a class – It happens.

AND it’s probably not all your student’s fault. Teachers, class structure, and pacing are all some examples of elements that can affect your child’s ability to succeed in any class.

At any rate, if you’re at this point, you need to take action. Summer School is the obvious choice. It will give your child a chance to retake the class they failed and get back into good academic standing, without setting them behind in their school credits.


If you ask your kid, you aren’t likely to find that Summer School is a popular concept to them.

The truth of the matter is that they have plenty of summers ahead of them, and whether they’re catching up or getting ahead, it can effectively improve their college chances!

What are your thoughts on students using Summer School to get ahead? Leave us a comment below!

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