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I, Christopher Rojas, am a pre-med student in Gilbert, who enjoys tutoring math and science. I became interested in tutoring two years ago after realizing I was the kid in class who seeks opportunities to help those around me. I truly enjoy helping others, and the look on a student’s face when they finally understand the topic is quite satisfying. As of now, I am majoring in medical studies at Arizona State University and hope to graduate soon.

In addition to going to school and tutoring students, I enjoy spending my free time with family and loved ones, running outside with his dog, playing video games and lifting weights. So if ever you or any of your students are in need of my assistance, just know that I truly enjoy helping others.

Tutor's Education

Current Undergrad, Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Sports, drawing, mathematics, medicine

Hello, I’m James Rivera. I am an engineer from Gilbert who loves teaching science to students of all ages. Whether it be helping students create the ulmitate smart home or protect endangered species of animals from going extinct, I am here to improve the world by solving one problem at a time. By the way, in addition to engineering, I also love going camping and biking.

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Engineering, BMX, Dirtbikes, Mountain bikes, Rock Crawling, Camping, etc

Hello, my name is Andrew DeFatta. I am an online SAT tutor in Gilbert. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and I also tutor students in science and engineering. As a lifelong learner and diligent hard worker, I enjoy helping students solve problems. So if your child needs any help understanding and solving problems on the SAT, that is what I am here for.

Tutor's Education

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University; Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University;

Tutor's Hobbies

Hiking, exercise, road biking, outdoors

Hello, my name is Julie Maxwell and I teach students how to solve the ACT in and outisde of Gilbert. I have 15 years of experience working with children from head-start age through high school in Gilbert, as well as a dual bachelors degree from Western Governors University.: Special Education (K-12) and General Education (K-6). My strengths are in language arts (reading and writing) and I have endorsements in mild-moderate disabilities.

I am a very caring individual with a strong belief that all children can learn regardless of differences in: age, gender, ethnicity, or disabilities. So if your student needs help solving ACT problems, then I am the person to contact. As a mother of three and a dog, I believe that “One can learn daily and improve always.”

Also, I love going out for fun family outings, as well as riding on roller coasters and singing karaoke!

Tutor's Education

Bachelor of Education, Special Education, Western Governors University;

Tutor's Hobbies

reading, writing, dancing, karaoke, scrapbooking

As a fellow English teacher in Gilbert, I Telia Curtis, love to experience new things in life, whether it be food, people, cultures, and beyond. Teaching is another medium of exchange that I like to use to enhance others views of the world, as well as enhance my own. So if you need help understanding one of the world’s toughest langauges with one of the world’s toughest grammer rules to follow, please, don’t be shy. Stop by my site and say, “hi.”

Tutor's Education

Bachelors, Alternative Energy Technologies, Arizona State University; Masters, Renewable Energy – Photovoltaic Engineering, University of New South Wales;

Tutor's Hobbies

Camping, Hiking, Snorkeling, Soccer, Tennis, Yoga, Cooking/Baking, Reading, Writing

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