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Work for a company that cares for both the student and your success in life!

Current San Diego Private Tutoring Jobs Available

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  • San Diego Elementary Tutoring (K-5th grade)
  • San Diego Middle School Tutoring (6th-8th grade)
  • San Diego High School Tutoring (9th-12th grade)

What is unique about working with Student-Tutor? 

We care for your success just as much as our students! 

  • SMART Goal Development: All active tutors submit their SMART life goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).
  • Accountability: Imagine being part of an exclusive facebook group of other super qualified tutors who share updates on the progress of their personal goals! Stay motivated, get stoked, and share your success with everyone!

Our tutors are the future doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and leaders of tomorrow! “We Spark Bright Futures” and that includes YOU!

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Don’t stress about this goal accountability. If you’re not entirely sure about your life’s ambitions, that’s okay. We would love to help! 🙂 

Listen to our CEO’s Podcast on creating “SMART Goals for a Bright Future”

Student-Tutor has been featured locally and nationally and developed many partnerships.