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Hallie Private Tutor

Hallie S.

Hallie is almost finished earning her degree in Bio-Engineering. She has over 6 years of consistent tutoring experience. We were lucky to find a Los Angeles SAT tutor like her! In addition to test prep, she is also an expert in tutoring calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, and English, all at the AP level! She is very passionate about helping her students achieve their ultimate goals in life.

Jarrod Private Tutor

Jarrod B.

Jarrod is such an exemplary Los Angeles SAT tutor, he was even awarded a large scholarship due to his interest in teaching as a career option. Needless to say he performed extremely well on the SAT and helps all of his students achieve the same. Currently working towards a communications degree, he is very patient and understanding in working with his students.

Christina Private Tutor

Christina H.

Christina is a math major in college but scored very high on all of her AP exams throughout high school. This Los Angeles SAT tutor is sparking bright futures with her passion for working with kids. One of her favorite work experiences was as a camp counselor affiliated with Barrow Neurological Institute. She is not just an SAT wiz, she can also explain advanced SAT strategies in ways that are easy to comprehend.

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Educational costs in California goes up more and more each year. When one of our founders attended UCLA in 1999, in-state tuition was about $3,698/year (not including housing or books). Today in 2015 it is about $12,696/year (not including housing or books). Non-residents can expect that number to jump to a whooping $35,573/year.

Earning scholarships whether need-based, merit-based, or both is more important than ever. Take a look at USC’s posted scholarship opportunities for 2015-2016.

Guess what one of the main things both admissions boards and scholarship committees look at in determining “yes” versus “no”? Yep — SAT scores.

Our private Los Angeles SAT prep program includes a free academic advising session with an expert in order to figure out the exact SAT score & GPA combos needed for both admissions and scholarships to your university choice.

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