How We Work 

We eliminate academic stress making your average school day painless & your dream college acceptance effortless. 

Step 1: Customized Approach 

Let us know what your student is struggling with! Bad grades, test scores, organization, academic confidence, low self esteem, stress, etc. 


We help students from all walks of life eliminate academic stress and develop the confidence they need for success.

Step 2: Risk Free Trial

Try us risk free. We guarantee you’ll love our process within the first hour. 

money back guaranteed

Pay as you go. No binding contracts or expensive packages. 

Step 3: Meet Your Tutor

We receive 100’s of applications from across the country and only a small fraction make the cut.


Our tutors not only help skyrocket grades and test scores but instill academic confidence and expert honors college bound studying tips. 

Step 4: Accountability

Nothing or no one falls through the cracks with routine evaluations, live progress reports, and teacher feedback on student’s academic performance. 


If your student is slipping off track, you will be the first to know.

Step 5: Achieve your goals and win at life! 

Having a strong education is vital for college entrance and beyond.

Our unique tutoring approach that fosters ambition and engagement consistently helps students go from the bottom of class to honors role and college bound! 

 Try us risk free!

Student-Tutor has been featured locally and nationally and developed many partnerships.