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Families across the world trust Student-Tutor to “Spark Bright Futures” for their students!

The Problem

Google is only 18 years old, Facebook is 13, Twitter 10, LinkedIn 8, yet almost every single person in the world uses these platforms multiple times per day to make decisions, find jobs, learn, and even meet loved ones!

However, schools are not teaching students how to properly navigate these platforms in a SAFE way that will enhance skills that are now necessary to thrive!

We are changing the way we drive (Uber), do errands (Amazon), watch movies (Netflix), and even date (Tinder), it would only make sense that we need to change what we are learning!

Our Solution

Todd VanDuzer, the CEO & co-founder of Student-Tutor, teaches students 6 online courses in how to safely thrive in the digital age. Courses sold separately or as complete package.

Package includes entrance to our exclusive teenage mastermind program where ambitious teenagers from across the world collaborate and develop lifelong friendships as they go through the classes for 1-year! (More details below)

Class #1
Discover Your Purpose

“51% of graduates are working jobs that do not require their degree.”CNBC

Class # 1 ensures students do not become part of that statistic since they will now have a stronger grasp of what they want out of life.

In this class VanDuzer dives into helping students discover their purpose (system he developed over a 3 month backpacking trip in Eastern Europe) to pursue a worthwhile goal that brings happiness.

Through targeted digital marketing ads and “likes” from friends via social media, we begin to associate those “things” and “labels” to happiness.

This learning process is called classical conditioning. However, happiness is not the result of pleasure. It is the pursuit of a worthwhile goal / purpose.

We help student’s discover their purpose by analyzing “why” they do the things they do, “how” they feel accomplished, and “what” the basic nature is in the things they love.

Average Course Length: 8 – 12 Hours

Class #2
Goal Setting

“42% of individuals in the US create New Year’s Resolutions and only 9.2% achieve them.”University of Scantron

That is only 3.86% of people setting and achieving goals in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY! Imagine if your student mastered Class # 2 by using methods as seen in the world’s most trusted and read business and spirituality books.

In this class we are welcomed by professional life coach Bri Seeley, as seen in Forbes, Inc, Huff Post, and the Daily Show, who helps change student’s limiting beliefs in what they believe is possible in life.

Afterward, VanDuzer discusses the science behind motivation & confidence and has the students create S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) post college, college, year, and semester/summer goals around GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities.

Ensure you create the RIGHT plan with the RIGHT steps for scholarship, college, and life success!

Average Course Length: 8 – 12 Hours

Class #3
Productivity & Organization

“Due to the internet, since 2013 teenagers have reported stress levels that exceed those of adults.”NPR

Class # 3 decreases stress levels, increase productivity, and focus through new scientific findings, mind-hacks, and techie tricks.

Britany Shula, CRYT, teaches students the science behind mindfulness and how it can be used to strengthen areas of your brain to decrease stress and increase focus & productivity.

Following VanDuzer, shares to students leveraging a few simple mind-hacks and techie tricks, R.O.P.E.R a weekly habit to renew, organize, prioritize, execute, and reflect on the measurable baby steps necessary to reach their semester goals as created in class # 2.

Stay more organized with homework, email, tests, and continue to make measurable progress to college & beyond!

Average Course Length: 8 – 12 Hours

Class #4
Personal Brand + Website Development

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 27 percent employment growth for web developers by 2024.”US News

Class # 4 teaches students how to personal brand themselves by building a fully functional website on WordPress, the platform that 26.4% of websites are powered by. They also learn about Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and more.

The class starts out with Adrian Brambila, dancing YouTube star who has reached well over 10 million views, done private shows for artists like Akon, and co-owner of Unimarketing, a digital marketing firm, shares with the students how following his curiosity and focusing on his personal brand has lead him to where he is today.

Afterward, VanDuzer teaches students how to get a domain name, hosting account, install WordPress, upload themes, navigate WordPress, plugins, widgets, set up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and some basic technical website know hows.

Finally, VanDuzer talks about the importance of having a consistent brand image across all social media channel and website.

After mastery of this class students can confidently charge $20 -$25 per hour as an entry WordPress freelancer.

Average Course Length: 20 – 30 Hours

Class #5
Create Blog + Podcast

“On average Google gets 100 billion searches per month.”Mashable

Class # 5 teaches students the history of Google, how to rank on the front page, and become a leader and authority figure around topics of curiosity.

Laura Petersen, MAED and best # 1 best selling Amazon author for podcasting shares with students how Podcasting and Blogging can help them become a leader and authority figure around topics of curiosity and passion.

Afterward, VanDuzer shares with students how to get their blog content to rank # 1 on Google, this history of Google, link building strategies, SEO, keyword analysis, call to actions, and more!

Average Course Length: 20 – 30 Hours

Class #6
Online Community + Monetizing

“Shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online.”Fortune

Class # 6 teaches students how to create an engaging online community and eventually sell other people’s products or services (affiliate marketing) sell their own products or services, or use that following to find and secure jobs.

Class information coming soon!

Average Course Length: 20 – 30 Hours

1-Year Long Teenage Mastermind Program.

Throughout the year, have your student get introduced to young change makers (Student-Tutor Mentors) 25-35 years in age, all of whom have created 6 and 7 figure companies, traveled across the world, or taken an alternative route to a successful life.

Through our exclusive Facebook group & weekly virtual hangouts,  students from across the world (15 countries represented by August 15th!) will have the chance to meet one another, collaborate on what they learn from our online classes and continue to learn new knowledge as we bring in new Student-Tutor mentors monthly.

Some of our Student-Tutor Mentors.

Todd VanDuzer

Co-founder and CEO of Student-Tutor, contributor for The Huffington Post, motivational speaker, past tutor of 7 years, SAT/ACT course developer, $85,000 scholarship recipient, avid rock climber who has climbed 2000+ foot cliffs, world traveler who has gone to 35+ countries, and more.

Bri Seeley

Featured in Forbes, The Today Show, PBS, and The Huffington Post, Bri is an inspirational woman who helps support women around the world to live their own version of an inspired life. She is the co-founder of Amplify Collective, co-host of a weekly podcast: Be Amplified, and contributor for The Huffington Post.

Adrian Brambilo 

Adrian Brambila aka “El Tiro” has toured for artist T-Pain and performed with Bruno Mars and Ludacris, done private shows for artists like Akon, and was seen on season 7 of America’s Got Talent. His YouTube channel has reached well over 10 million views with over 80,000 subscribers. He is also a co-owner in Unimarketa.

Jules Schroeder

Ran her first 6-figure company at 18 & first 7-figure company at 22. Jules has consulted for 9-figure companies, in digital marketing & products. Writes regularly for Forbes magazine. Founder of Unconventional Life, #1 podcast for entrepreneurs in 2017, and inspires others to follow non-traditional paths.

Tia Kansara

Director of Replenish Earth Ltd and Kansara Hackney Ltd,  the first International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified sustainable lifestyle consultancy in the world. Traveled to over 75 countries to share the World Replenish Index, and recently launched the Replenish Business Canvas at MIT Media Labs. Featured on 6 Tedx Talks from across the world.

“You are the five people you surround yourself with.”Jim Rohn

Will Curran

As founder of Endless Entertainment, Will Curran has been named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, and Inc Magazine’s Coolest College Start-up, all before graduating from college.

Laura Petersen, MAED

Co-founder of Student-Tutor, # 1 Amazon best selling author for podcasting, past AP high school teacher, world traveler who has been to 43 different countries, and founder & host of Copy That Pops.

Tony Swann

Professional videographer and founder or Thrill Wave, his work has been seen on Outside Magazine, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and even had a commercial televised on national television for the summer Olympics!

Britany Shula

CRYT, yoga & meditation certified, is the co-founder of Agrandir Life, which provides corporate companies wellness practices for their employees.

After Only A Couple Months In Our Program…

Your student will have the skills necessary to be self sufficient in this era + have a network on likeminded ambitious students & mentors from across the world!

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Families across the country trust Student-Tutor to “Spark Bright Futures” for their students!