Mastermind Community Orientation!

Todd VanDuzer Online Classes, Teenager Mastermind Introduction

Your entire life you have been told what to do…

Complete this assignment on this date, do this chore, take this test. The list goes on and on.

How annoying is it? 


Well… guess what I am with you and support your annoyance to all of the above.

Therefore, I am here to tell you right now.

If you don’t want to complete the coursework that takes place in this program.


To be honest… it really doesn’t affect me that much whether you do or not.

Yes, I want to help you reach your wildest dreams. In fact, as you go through the program you will learn that these are the same exact steps I have taken and still currently take to design the life of my dreams.

You will also learn from other successful mentors I bring in ranging from individuals running 6 & 7 figure companies, doctors, engineers, and more that these steps are the key ingredients that they don’t teach in school that will bring success and happiness toward your life.

However, in the end, it is up to you to design the life you want and reach your fearless goals.

One last thing…

Stop thinking small, start dreaming, and start taking action today to make those dreams reality. Whether that be through this program or something else you find.

This is YOUR LIFE! Design it the way YOU WANT!

SCREW following the status quo & STOP WAITING!

Please watch the welcome video and then take the quiz below to officially become a TEENAGE MASTERMIND! 

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