Online Tutoring Business

Todd VanDuzer Online Tutoring Course

This course has been designed to get you tutoring clients at $55 – $100 per hour!

This course is for students, tutors, or teachers looking to create:

  1. FREEDOM: Create a quick business that provides financial freedom and the ability to work from anywhere in the world!
  2. INCOME: Earn an additional $2,000 per month working part-time in the evening or weekends.
  3. IMPACT: Provide a service that will transform a student’s life for the better.

Why will this course work? 

Simply put… it already does!

The marketplace has already decided tutors are worth $55 – $100 per hour!

How do we know? 

Because we ran an agency that hired 19-year old students and booked clients paying $55+ per hour all the time!

With the internet and inexpensive software available to the consumer, there is no reason you can’t bypass the tutoring agency and go straight to the students!

Get the hourly rate you deserve… Rather than the 25 -35% tutoring agencies give you!

In 2 short weeks, you will learn how to acquire clients using your current network and launch a profitable tutoring business! 

  • Lesson #1: Build Anticipation (Day 1 – 2)
  • Lesson #2: Prep Work (Day 3 -4)
  • Lesson #3: Create Your Free Offer (Day 4 – 5)
  • Lesson #4: Create Your Website (Day 5 – 8)
  • Lesson #5: Launch Your Business (Day 9 – 10)
  • Lesson #6: The Sales Process! (Ongoing)
  • Lesson # 7: Bonus Resources (Ongoing)

Please Note: Individuals that earn $55 – $100 per hour typically have past tutoring experience for at least 1-2 years, or are teachers. If you are new to teaching/tutoring, we recommend you start at $20 – $30 per hour, then raise your rates after you have had some success stories.

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