Math Games Website Review

Math Games Review


You are probably on this page because you want to learn more about the top resources available on the Math Games website!

You want to help your student(s) eliminate math stress and develop academic confidence!

Well, you are in luck!

We have taken the time to review dozens of math websites and games to help you navigate and find the best information for your particular needs.

In this particular blog article, we dive into discussing the popular “Math Games Website” designed for K – 8th-grade students.

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Summary of Math Games Website From Creators:

Overall, after reviewing the “Math Games Website” we have to say it is one of our favorites!

Math games offer online games and printable worksheets to make learning math fun. Kids from pre-K to 8th grade can practice math skills recommended by the Common Core State Standards in exciting games formats.

The website is easy to navigate and is categorized using “Grades”, “Skills”, and “Lessons”.

  • Grades: The grade level the math material is from based on common core.
  • Skills: The category the lesson would fall under. (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) 
  • Lessons: Material to help you master the concept!

Fun math games are integrated into lessons where students associated learning algebra with rescuing animals and destroying zombies.

This makes math learning fun for kids!

The math lessons are heavily focused on repetition as students get to higher levels as they master easier problems.

Teachers and parents can also create custom assignments that assess or review particular math skills. Activities are tailored so pupils work at appropriate grade levels. Math worksheets can be downloaded and printed for classroom use, or activities can be completed and automatically graded online.

Best of all? It’s completely free!

Read the full review below to understand how to best navigate this website using the 5 navigation bars:

  1. Grades
  2. Skills
  3. Games
  4. Standards
  5. Worksheets

PS: Scroll down to the summary below to get our insight on what will bring the most value and what areas on this website are just a complete waste of time!

Grades – Math Games Navigation Section 

Navigation: Grade Level > Skill/Topic > Lesson

Grade Level:

When you click on the “Grades” navigation button you will be brought to a page including buttons for each grade level showing you how many worksheets and mobile skills are in each.

Math Games Grade Levels

Skill or Topic:

After you click on a particular grade level you a brought to another page that contains dozens of different lessons related to that grade level broken up into the following skills or topics:

  1. Geometry
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Time
  5. Measurement
  6. Fractions
  7. Graphing
  8. Estimation
  9. Division
  10. Number Properties
  11. Mixed Equations
  12. Addition
  13. Algebra
  14. Comparison
  15. Number Patterns


Within each skill or topic, there are math lessons for you to go to with different math levels.

For example, under grade 4 > Geometry  > Acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles…

…you will find a lesson that helps you master the different types of angels.

You are prompted to answer questions. As you get 80% or higher of the questions correct over the course of the lesson you unlock higher levels.

This gamification of the lesson makes is fun and engaging for students.

Additional Resources In Lesson:

  • Games that are related to that particular lesson.
  • Leaderboard of students from across the world who practiced the similar math game lesson.
  • Printable math worksheets to print out and practice these lessons offline.
  • Information on what common core math standards the lessons masters.
  • A link to the next recommended math skill for your student to master.

Skills – Math Games Navigation Section 

Navigation: Skill > Grade Level > Lesson


This area of the Math Games website provides your student with fun activities focusing on specific skills and topics rather than grade level as the previous section mentions.

These skills include:

Grade Level:

Afer you click on a particular skill you a brought to Pre-K to 8th-grade level that includes the different lessons related to that particular skill.

For example, by clicking on the skill “Addition” and then “Add Two Numbers Up to 1000” located under grade 3 you are brought to a lesson to help you master this particular topic.


Much like in the previous section there are different levels that you progress in as you score 80% or higher.

Below you will also find additional resources such as games, leaderboard, printable math worksheets, and more.

Games – Math Games Navigation Section 

Navigation: Skill > Grade Level & Skill > Lesson

When you click on “Games” you are brought to a variety of games you can play.

What is unique about each of these math games that are offered is that before you are able to play the game you must select particular skills and grade level.

The game is then adjusted to help you master that topic.

Standards – Math Games Navigation Section 

Navigation: Grade Level > Standard > Lesson

We are not sure why you would use this section…

…but if you wanted to search based on a particular common core math standard you could find all lessons pertaining to grade level and standard.

Worksheets – Math Games Navigation Section 

Navigation: Grade Level > Skill >Worksheet

This section is great for teachers or parents looking for printable worksheets to have their students do when they do not have internet or computer access.

Seach by grade level and then skill to find hundreds of different math worksheet to print out!

Math Games Website Gif Explaining How To Navigate

In Summary…

This is one of our favorite websites we have reviewed yet do the simplicity in navigating it and the strong focus on making it fun for student yet connect to all common core math standards.

You are able to start your search through 5 common areas including:

  1. Grade level
  2. Skill
  3. Games
  4. Standards
  5. Worksheets

From there you narrow down your topic by grade level or skill to find lessons that enforce repetition through gamification.

Finally, if you want additional great math instructional resources may I suggest you check out my blog top 10 math websites.

What did you think of this review? Did I miss anything? What challenges is your student(s) having with math? 

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